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On June 5th 2013 the pub was bought by the village. Following considerable refurbishment we opened our doors again on November 1st 2013 - out of the hands of a pub co, The Red Lion is once more a free house.

Our winding country lanes make for a lovely drive out, but it’s so peaceful and quiet as you head down the Arlingham peninsula you’ll find it’s an equally pleasant route to pedal along. Either way, you will be well catered for when you arrive. Whether you’re after a cup of coffee, thirst quenching ale or locally sourced fresh food the Red Lion Arlingham won’t let you down.

We serve unique, locally produced food, selected fine wines and draw through our pumps a range of fruity, hoppy and refreshing ales all brewed in the vicinity.

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The small village of Arlingham is off the beaten track and surrounded by the River Severn horseshoe

The river paths and quiet roads make it a great place to explore on foot or by bicycle

And The Red Lion is ready to fill your belly or quench your thirst after your exercise