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Hopefully, on this walk you may see some of these cattle, with a distinctive white strip along their back, grazing in the fields around Wick Court.

From the main map board begin by walking down High Street until you see Slowwe Cottages in front of you at the first T junction. These are two of the oldest houses in the village. Take the road to your right. Keeping straight on at the next T-junction, you will soon pass 17th Century Slowwe House on the left. In a short while you will reach a small pond on the corner of the road, walk through the wooden SG and continue along Silver Street.

The renovation of this was a project completed by the Parish to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The path you now follow is part of the route of the Roman Saltway.

At the gate at the end of Silver Street continue ahead along the lane past Lower Milton End Farm and its duck pond. After the sharp right hand corner at Upper Milton End Farm go through KG on your left and head for the next KG in the far left hand corner of the field. After going through this KG keep close to the hedgerow on your left hand side until you reach the signed marker post. Go ahead to the KG immediately to the right of the farm buildings. Three more KGs will bring you to Overton Lane.

Cross the lane carefully and go through the FG and follow the footpath to the top of Barrow Hill.

On the way up look right for a glimpse of both Severn Bridges. Pause at the top of Barrow Hill to admire the view across the river to The Forest of Dean, May Hill, the Malvern Hills and a glimpse of Gloucester Cathedral. This is the highest point on the Arlingham peninsula (62m). When you move on, notice the river view on your right with a good view of Fretherne Church.

Continue down the hill to the KG on the edge of the wood. Keeping the wood on your left hand side continue down to the bottom of the hill. On reaching the hedge at the bottom turn left through the KG and follow the path through the wood. At the end of the wood continue straight ahead through a wooden KG to a FG immediately in front of the farm buildings and go through into the driveway to Wick Court.

Cross the driveway and go through another FG. Walk through the orchard keeping the hedgerow on your left hand side. Go through the FG and turn right into Overton Lane. Please be careful when walking down the small incline.

At the bottom of the incline the road takes a sharp turn to the right. You turn left at this point at the map board following Public Footpath and Severn Way signs through the KG and onto the Severn Way. The next part can be a little muddy in wet weather or after a particularly high tide. Continue along the Severn Way following the cattle symbols.

After passing the pylon on your left hand side go through a KG and just before the next KG leave the Severn Way and follow the track until you come to a KG on your right. Go through and keeping the hedge on your right hand side follow the field around until you come to a small bridge over a stream.

Cross over and continue straight ahead.

Pass through the next KG and continue with the hedge on your right hand side until you reach Silver Street and the pond.

Turn right and follow the lane to the right for a short distance. Follow the footpath sign through the KG on your left hand side immediately before the house. Continue ahead through two more KGs. Turn half right and head for a SG in the middle of the field. Pass through and continue ahead to the KG in the hedgerow and into Friday Street.

Turn left and follow Friday Street to the road at the end. Turn right and return to your starting point at the Red Lion.