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There are a large number of hares in the parish although you will need to be very fortunate to see one of these wonderful animals.

Begin the walk at the main map board. Head for the crossroads and turn left. After a few yards turn left through the KG by the post box. Pass the footpath gate on your right, then at the crossing of the footpaths turn right towards Friday Street and the Arlingham Free Church. Turn left. After passing Barleycorn Cottage and Blacknest Cottage take the footpath to your right. After the SG in the middle of the field take a diagonal route left to the KG in the hedge. Pass through a further two KGs to reach Silver Street.

Turn right and when the lane veers sharply to the right, by the pond, bear left and pass through the KG. Keeping the hedgerow on your left hand side you will pass through two more KGs. Continue ahead with the hedge on the left hand side until you reach a small bridge. Cross the bridge and still keeping the hedge on your left walk to a KG. Pass through and turn left and walk a short way along the track bearing left up to a KG on the flood bank of the River Severn. You are now on the Severn Way.

Before moving on, take a moment to enjoy the views around you. Upstream (to your right) you can see Robinswood Hill with the Cotswolds beyond. The pylons span the river to Rodley.

Go through the KG to continue along the Severn Way with the river on your right. After passing through the next KG you will see the Old Withy Bed on the left.

This is where willows were grown in the water for fence posts and hurdles. Just after this you will see Ridge and Furrow in the field. This is the remains of probably the best example of the Medieval ‘3 field system’ in the Parish.

Continue on the Severn Way passing through two more KGs.

To your left is a track to the Warth Sheds. Following this track would be a short route back to the village. Arlingham Warth is land built up from the riverbed as the river continued to meander over the centuries. Across the river is Garden Cliff and Westbury Church Spire. Along this stretch of the walk you have a good view of May Hill. It is said that you can see this hill from almost anywhere in Gloucestershire.

Continue along the Severn Way passing through a wooden SG.

In the next section notice the two man-made ponds by the side of the river. They were created when earth was dug to strengthen the sea wall in 1984 and the farmer has since planted them up and created a refuge for sea birds. On the other side of the river are the railway and the busy A48 road to South Wales.

After the ponds go through two more KGs. Immediately before the third KG, turn left off the flood bank and go through another KG. Cross the field keeping the hedge on your right hand side. Pass through a SG and small copse to the next field. Follow the hedge line on your right until the sharp corner, at this point cross the field to the corner of the hedge immediately in front of you.

Looking ahead you can see Arlingham Village.

Follow this hedge line on your left hand side until the next SG. Pass through.

The footpath now follows the line of the drainage ditch on your right hand side. Continue on this line until you come to a footbridge on your right, cross into the field - the footpath is diagonally across the field. Cross another bridge into the next field and cross it diagonally to the right to pass through a KG into Netting Lane. Turn right along the lane and then take the next footpath to your left. Go through the KG. The path takes you between two houses and leads directly into High Street.

Turning right will lead you back to the start.