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The Parish is bounded by the River Severn on three sides. The river is noted for its salmon population and for elvers (young eels).

In the past there was a presentation of a lamprey pie by the City of Gloucester to the reigning sovereign. The pie was made with lamprey caught in the river. From the main map board, carefully cross the road into Church Road and walk towards St Mary’s Church.

After passing the church take the first left into Pound Lane, a restricted byway.

Some way down the lane you will see a deep ditch on your left. Note how allowance has been made for excess rain.

Follow Pound Lane to its end and pass through a KG. Cross the field keeping the hedge on your right hand side, go through the next KG and follow the line of the hedge to a KG in the corner of the field on the top of the flood bank.

This small rise is Glass Cliff. You are now on the Severn Way.

Turn right to go through this KG and continue along the Severn Way. As you near the two pylons, pause for a moment.

Looking towards Arlingham you will see why the flood bank is so important. Note the expanse of the Severn Estuary. Views of Frampton Church, Awre, the Cotswolds and even, on a clear day, the Severn bridges are possible.

Almost immediately after the pylons you will cross a large drainage ditch. This is Hope Pill Rhyne.

When the pylons were built early in the 20th century they were the second highest pylons in England. Hope Pill Rhyne is the main land drainage outfall for the village.

As you walk along the Severn Way you will see the remains of several Pill Boxes (wartime defences), with the best example
just after leaving The Old Passage Inn. On the opposite side of the river on the bend is the small dock at Bullo Pill. Ahead is the Forest of Dean.

Continue along the Severn Way passing through several KGs until you reach The Old Passage Inn at Arlingham Passage, with Newnham Church on the cliff opposite.

Rest a while on the Millennium seat which was erected by the Parish Council and enjoy the scenery.

On leaving the Passage pass through the KG and continue along the Severn Way. Go through the next KG and immediately turn right off the flood bank and go through another KG. Cross the field keeping the hedge on your right hand side. Pass through a SG and small copse to the next field. Follow the hedge line on your right until the sharp corner, at this point cross the field to the corner of the hedge immediately in front of you.

Looking ahead you can see Arlingham Village.

Follow this hedge line on your left hand side until the next SG. Pass through.

The footpath now follows the line of the drainage ditch on your right hand side. Continue on this line until you come to a footbridge on your right, cross

into the field - the footpath is diagonally across the field. Cross another bridge into the next field and cross it diagonally to the right to pass through a KG into

Netting Lane. Turn right along the lane and then take the next footpath to your left. Go through the KG. The path takes you between two houses and leads directly into High Street. Turning right will lead you back to the start.